New Shiloh has over 30 active ministries designed to equip, educate and elevate your walk with Christ. Click on each ministry to get a brief description of them. For meeting times go to the contact us page and click worship opportunities.

The Anointed Angels. This ministry is comprised of a group of young girls who have a passion for expressing worship through dance. The servants in this ministry often minister during youth services, Sunday morning worship, and special events. They believe that there is power in movement, and that people need encouragement; therefore, it is their mission to reach those that are spiritually in need, and introduce them to the endless possibilities they have through faith and developing a meaningful and personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Sis. Linda Boston, Lead Servant.

Bereavement Aftercare Ministry
The Bereavement Care Ministry: In an effort to serve the needs of our church members and their families, the Bereavement Care Ministry provides emotional support and comfort to those who are grieving from the loss of their loved ones. Support is provided on an individual basis or in a group setting. The servants in this ministry possess a willingness and availability to share and assist with those going through bereavement. Rev. James Williams, Jr., Lead Servant

The Christian Education Ministry

The Christian Education Ministry provides comprehensive biblical instruction for all ages and all levels of spiritual maturity. God’s Word is presented in a practical manner enabling members to fully grasp its life application. The Chris-tian Education Ministry by the power of the Holy Spirit seeks to mature, train and equip members of the body of Christ as disciples. Under the Christian Education Ministry the Scholarship Committee awards scholarships to graduating high school seniors and recognizes elementary through high school students and college graduates for their accomplishments. Sis. Clara Roundtree, Lead Servant.

The College Connection
The College Connection Ministry provides support to college students as they discover what God has given them to do with their lives. We communicate with current college students throughout the year to assure they maintain a Christian connection.

Conquerors for Christ Ministry
The Conquerors for Christ Ministry is a group of young people who minister creatively and express their faith, hope, and salvation through the through the contemporary art form of stepping. Stepping is choreography of rhythmic moves using hand clapping and foot stomping. This ministry allows the youth to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ while using the gifts of coordination and creativity that the LORD has given them. It’s All about JESUS is the emphasis of the ministry; thus, all of the steps speak of the LORD JESUS CHRIST. These talented and dedicated young servants often minister during youth services, Sunday morning worship, and special events. Sis. Marcelle Mondy-Barrett, Dance Instructor.

Daughters of Virtue & Excellence (DOVE) Ministry
The Daughters of Virtue & Excellence (DOVE) Ministry It is the goal and-mission of this ministry to help young ladies prepare for their God-given purpose in life and in ministry. By equipping them with the necessary skills and information, this ministry seeks to encourage our young ladies to strive for excellence in every area of their lives, including emotionally, physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually. Min. Sarah Russell, Lead Servant.

Deaconess Ministry
(Romans 16:1-2 NKJV) The Deaconess Ministry is responsible for assisting the Pastor and the Deacons in performing the spiritual task of the church such as Baptism, Communion and Ministering to the sick.

Deacons Ministry
Wherefore, brethren, look ye out among you seven men of honest report, full of the Holy Ghost and wisdom, whom we may appoint over this business. (Acts 6:3) The Deacons Ministry is designed to serve as a liaison between the Pastor and the members of our church. They are available to serve and meet the needs of the church, thus relieving our pastor of some of his many responsibilities, as well as making sure the church business is done decently and in order.

Employment & Training Ministry
The Employment & Training Ministry The purpose of this Ministry is to assist individuals to prepare for gainful employment, provide training that will enhance their employment skills, cover letters, resume writing, interviewing skills, employment applications and much more. Min. Brenda Barr, Lead Servant

Evangelism Ministry
The Evangelism Ministry: The primary purpose of the Evangelism Ministry is to educate, equip, and encourage Believers for personal evangelism, as well as to facilitate their contact with non-believers for the purpose of bringing them to Christ. The servants in this ministry also seek to identify, challenge and utilize gifted and evangelistic people so they can work strategically through the church’s existing ministries, special evangelistic programs and their own personal efforts for the purpose of bringing people to Christ. The S.W.A.T. Team and Street Outreach Ministry are important ministries within the Evangelism Ministry. Rev. Frank Dean, Lead Servant.

Girl Scouts Ministry
The Girl Scouts Ministry This ministry seeks to empower our girls to dream big and become caring, courageous young ladies who will make our world a better place. Through this ministry, our girls will learn the importance of personal responsibility, the value of goal setting, the spirit of teamwork, and the thrill of accomplishment. Through community service, earning badges and participating in troop, council and Church events, girls will grow in their faith, leadership, self-esteem, maturity and personal responsibility. Sis. Kimberly Douglas, Lead Servant

Health Ministry
The Health Ministry is designed to provide non-emergency health care during services, when needed, as well as keeping the church educated on health care issues related to our society. Facilitating Health care seminars, health fairs, blood drives and monthly pressure checks are also a few of the other duties of this ministry. Sis. Mary Taylor, Lead Servant.

Hospitality Ministry
The Hospitality Ministry has a major role in contributing to our worship ser-vices. This ministry is dedicated to setting an initial positive tone by greeting worshippers and those attending worship services with genuinely friendly smiles and a desire to provide assistance. This helps us to meet one of the primary requirements of a successful Elevating Experience: The receptive mindset of the worshippers. They also serve as hosts for special events and activities held at the church. Sis. Marilyn Martin-Muse, Lead Servant.

Kitchen Ministry
The Kitchen Ministry is a dedicated and active group of servants, who are charged with the general and overall responsibility of preparing and serving food at our church. Breakfast, receptions, repasts (following Home Going services), and other special occasions, are among the many events that this important ministry is committed to serving. Those who serve in this ministry enjoy cooking, planning, serving, entertaining, and working together; and there is always room for others to join this ministry of service. Sis. Shirley Butler, Lead Servant.

Marriage Enrichment Ministry
The Marriage Enrichment Ministry seeks to glorify God by strengthening marriages, and family relationships, through Biblically based principles. Through their effort they promote healthy, thriving, marriages, relationships leading to marriage, and family relationships through the teaching of the Word of God. They also seek to provide social and spiritual outlets for married and engaged couples. The ministry accomplishes this through involvement with programs and activities that promote fellowship. Bro. Willie & Sis. Marilyn Muse, Lead Servants.

Media Ministry
The Media Ministry’s goal is to assist our church in effectively spreading the WORD of GOD to individuals within and beyond the walls of our church. We do so by developing and utilizing various forms of media to instruct and encourage others to worship and glorify God and to become fully established in God’s Word. We will utilize our diversified talents, skills, gifts and time to further God’s work. The church’s audio and visual teams seek to provide media that blesses all who experience it, and that is worthy of the worship of Jesus Christ. Sis. Leonie A. Johnson, Director

Men’s Ministry
The Men’s Ministry As God said; Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: (Genesis 1:26a), the purpose of this ministry is to provide men with resources to develop godly character, and to equip them to influence their world for CHRIST. This ministry seeks to teach the Word of God as it applies to men; using biblical truths that will teach men how to seek first the kingdom of God and apply spiritual truths to every aspect of their lives. Rev. Frank Dean, Lead Servant

Mime Ministry
The Mime Ministry As a part of the Youth Ministry, the Mime Ministry uses the art of movement and gestures to encourage the saints and win souls for JE-SUS CHRIST. As we come together to praise GOD, HE invites us into worship, and through songs and dances of praise, we seek to build him a spiritual habitation. The Mime Ministry uses dancing as a form of praise, worship, warfare against our enemy, and travail unto God. The Mime Ministry ministers during our youth services, Sunday morning worship, and special events. Sis. Yasmaine Jackson, Lead Servant.

Mission Ministry
The Mission Ministry: The purpose of the Mission is to nurture our membership through mission study, education, fellowship, and prayer. Also, reaching outward through personal witnessing, helping the needy and less fortunate, and seeking justice and liberty for all in the name of our Lord and Savior, JESUS CHRIST.” (Matthew 5:16) The Mission Ministry is also about CHRIST: Converting; Helping; Reaching; Inspiring; Serving; Teaching. Sis. Mary Allen, Lead Servant.

The Music Ministry
The Music Ministry is a group of Spirit-filled saints dedicated to ministering the gospel of Jesus Christ through the ministry of song. This ministry is comprised of four choirs: The Fellowship Mass Choir, The Male Chorus, The Choir of Praise, The Youth Choir; and The Praise Team. Deacon Rodrick McPhee, Music Director.

The New Members Orientation Ministry
The New Members Orientation Ministry endeavors to greet new members with Christian love, enthusiasm, knowledge, and excellence, and to orientate them in the doctrines of the Church body of Christ. Our purpose is to teach, train and develop Christ-like people within the membership of our church. In support of those efforts, this ministry conducts classes prescribed by the Church to impart essential information on the basic elements of Christian faith. “To prepare God’s People for work of service, so that the Body of Christ may be built up”. (Ephesians 4:12) Sis. Vernistine Brown, Lead Servant

Parking Ministry
The Parking Lot Ministry plays a critical part in making our services and other events work as smoothly as possible. These servants are seen first as we drive into our lots, and last as we drive out. They serve during all worship services to help facilitate the flow of traffic in and out of our parking facilities. Deacon Roland Clark, Lead Servant.

Pastor Aide Ministry
The Pastor Aide Ministry is a group of dedicated Christians who are standing and attempting to hold up the arms of GOD’S chosen leader for our church. The Pastor’s Aide Ministry realizes the burdens the pastor carries in his everyday life, along with the many obligations that he confronts as an Under-Shepherd. Therefore, the Pastor’s Aide Ministry provides support to the pastor, spiritually and financially. The Pastor’s Aide Ministry also strives to be avail-able whenever the pastor needs assistance, and to fellowship with other churches and ministries who share the same focus. Sis. Irma Givens, Lead Servant

Pastoral Care
The Pastoral Care Ministry serves New Shiloh, its members and the community in a variety of ways. The Pastoral Care Ministry activities include Spiritual counseling, pre-marital counseling, wedding support, and bereavement support. Bereavement Support is considered to be a very important aspect of The Pastoral Care Ministry. The Bereavement journey continues after the funeral is over and family and friends are gone.

Prison Ministry
The Prison Ministry is committed to taking the message of salvation through JESUS CHRIST to men and women within the correctional system(s). Serv-ants in this ministry use their God-given gifts and talents to carry out JESUS CHRIST’S mandate to visit those who are imprisoned. The ministry’s purpose is to help transform lives, and to help those who have been incarcerated return to society as productive citizens. This ministry is also involved in the “Angel Tree Ministry” _which provides Christmas gifts to the children of those who are incarcerated. Rev. James Williams, Lead Servant.

The Senior Saints Ministry
The Senior Saints Ministry is a very important part of our church. Their goal is to share wisdom and faithfulness with younger people. Many of the servants in this ministry have faithfully served in the church for 30 or more years, and though they may have retired from their professions, they have certainly not retired from ministering. Our Senior Saints programs encourage our Senior Saints to continue their ministry by offering information, outings and regular fellowship with each other and other ministries. Deaconess Lillie Howard, Acting Lead Servant.

Singles Ministry: This ministry seeks to remind those who are single or not in a relationship that they are never alone, and to connect them with others in ministry, like themselves, in order to strengthen their walk with CHRIST. This ministry is for adults who are single by chance, change or choice. Whether unmarried, previously married, never married, widowed or a single parent; this ministry is available for those singles who seek to be ministered to. Sis. Keietta Givens, Lead Servant.

Social Justice Ministry
The Social Justice Ministry works to develop and enhance the knowledge and involvement of individuals within our congregation and surrounding areas on social issues that impact our community, through education, empowerment through voting, and partnering with like-minded entities to formulate viable solutions. Deaconess Dyatha Colebrook, Lead Servant

The Sports Ministry
The Sport Ministry: The goal of our Sports Ministry is to provide a natural avenue for our members to fulfill the great commission through the unique passions and physical abilities God has given us. This ministry seeks to foster the physical well-being of the members using athletic avenues and events. Sports are a great way to connect with others who love to play dodge ball, softball, baseball, golf, basketball, tennis, soccer, bowling, dominoes, spades, mancala, connect four, go fish, tug of war and much more. Any willing servant is encouraged to share ideas, ask questions or organize a team or event for our church. Bro. Quentin Ross, Lead Servant.

Street Outreach Ministry
Street Outreach Ministry: The goal of this ministry is to go out beyond the four walls of the church into the streets, the highways, and other places, to talk to individuals about JESUS CHRIST. This ministry seeks to share the gospel with those who may not come to the church on a regular basis or ever. The primary intent is to lead them to CHRIST, and then invite them to a teaching, preaching church. Rev. Frank Dean, Lead Servant

S.W.A.T. (Soul Winning Action Team)
S.W.A.T. (Soul Winning Action Team) is a ministry which actively pursues the neighboring community of our church to seek those who do not know Jesus Christ as their personal savior. The servants of this ministry share the gospel and pray with as many lost souls as the Lord will place in our path. Rev. Frank Dean & Min. Gloria Jackson-Davis, Lead Servants

TPACC is a group of dedicated Christians standing and attempting to hold up the arms of God’s chosen leader for our church. Our purpose as servants is to assist our pastor and the first family with prayers, finance, encouraging words, and swift actions when needed or re-quested. The TPACC Ministry strives to be available whenever the pastor needs assistance, and to plan and promote his anniversary celebrations. This ministry shows appreciation for our Pastor by giving gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. Sis. Sally Jones, Lead Servant.

The Transportation Ministry
The Transportation Ministry is designed to provide transportation to those who have a desire to attend services, activities at the church, and church outings. We are blessed to have two church vans, one mini-bus, and one 52 passenger coach bus. Each of these vehicles are available for renting as well.

The Usher Ministry
The Usher Ministries of our Church assist the pastor, members and visitors during services and events. Servants in these ministries seek to be doorkeepers in the house of God. They are committed to achieving their many purposes in ministry, including: the need to view ushering as an opportunity to win souls for Christ; providing comfort and support to worshippers; securing seating; and ensuring that order is maintained within the sanctuary. The Usher Ministries consists of Usher Ministries 1, 2, 3 and 4, the Mass Ushers, and the Youth Ushers. Sis. Yvonne Coleman-Nesbitt. Lead Servant of the Mass Ushers.

Willing Workers Ministry
The Willing Workers Ministry is a group of seasoned saints who come together-er to do creative things in our church. They diligently focus on fellowship and sharing among Christians, and especially our church family. Sis. Shirley Ellison, Lead Servant.

Women’s Ministry

The Women’s Ministry consist of women who are on the move for GOD, continually fulfilling the commission of JESUS CHRIST our Lord and Savior. The goal of this ministry is to prepare women of all ages for ministry through biblical and practical application, to explore scripturally sound opportunities for service in every calling of life: From the home, to the church, and into the world; as well as to equip women to fulfill their callings in life and in ministry. Sis. Tangela Dean, Lead Servant.

YES Ministry (Young-Adults Enjoying Salvation)

The Y.E.S. Ministry: The Young Adult Enjoying Salvation Ministry seeks to provide spiritual nourishment, inspiration, guidance, instruction and skill-building that will promote professionalism to adults ages 18 to 39. This ministry consists of those who are single, married, widowed, divorced and with or with-out children. This ministry seeks to encourage proper spiritual and moral principles, and to empower Christians to live as disciples of Jesus Christ. “Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.” (I Timothy 4:12).

Youth Ministry
The Youth Ministry is dedicated to providing a ministry of excellence for our children, as well as an environment where they are able to worship the LORD and be taught the WORD OF GOD in ways that are appealing and exciting for them. The Youth Ministry’s worship experience, The Youth Chapel, features a combination of exciting music, meaningful activities, fun through games, and messages geared especially towards children. The Youth Chapel convenes on the 2nd and 3rd Sunday of each month in the Fellowship Hall. The Youth Ministry continues to seek innovative ways to place the WORD in our youth and our youth in the WORD. Min. Glenn Jackson, Youth Pastor; Sis. Karen Grace, Director