DL Powell
Senior Pastor/Teacher

(305)835-8280 (office)

EMAIL: fmbdlp@gmail.com

New Shiloh MB Church
1350 NW 95th Street Miami, FL 33147


“Four Anchors In A Storm”
(Help for those tossed on the sea of life) – 1995

“Prospering Through Proverbs”

(Wisdom About Our Wealth) – 2000

Pastor D. L. Powell is a passionate proclaimer of God’s Word who is widely recognized by his constituents as being gifted in Scriptural Insight, Biblical Stewardship, Biblical Leadership, and Biblical Preaching. He is a humble leader who loves God, God’s Word, and God’s people. He has a great burden for helping others discover and develop their gifts and abilities for God’s glory and their good.

His first Pastorate was the “Living Water” Church in Killeen Texas, where he led a young and growing congregation from 1982-1984.

He served as the Pastor of “Friendship” Missionary Baptist Church of Miami, Florida for seventeen productive years from 1985 until 2002, where he led in building lives, ministries, buildings, and budgets.

In July of 2002, he became the Executive Assistant to Pastor Arthur Jackson Jr. at the “New Shiloh” Missionary Baptist Church of Miami, Florida. In August of 2002 (after Pastor Jackson received hispromotion to heaven) D. L. Powell became the Senior Pastor / Teacher of the “New Shiloh” Missionary Baptist Church of Miami, Florida where he has served for 19 years.

He has served 38 years in Pastoral Ministry and has been Preaching for 40 years.

He has served as a Vice President in the Florida General Baptist Convention, a Vice President in the Florida General Baptist Congress of Christian Education, and a Vice-Moderator in the Florida East Coast Baptist Association.

Instructor / Lecturer:
He has taught on several State and National levels including Bible Exposition in the Seaboard Baptist Association, Lecturer in the Florida East Coast Baptist Association and, has taught classes such as The Synoptic Gospels, Stewardship, Old Testament, The Intertestamental Period, The Sects of The New Testament, Pastoral Leadership and Preparation for Preaching.

He earned an A.S. and a B.S. in Biblical Studies from Moody Bible Institute and is a graduating senior with a Master of Ministry from Anderson University and has received an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree, from Smith Chapel Bible College.

Pastor Powell has two wonderful children, Vashti D. Powell and Daniel L. Powell.

Personal Pursuits:
He is the author of two books: “Four Anchors In A Storm”(1995) and “Prospering Through Proverbs”(2000).

One of his favorite Bible verses is Ephesians 3:20.